40 North Main Street, PO Box 95
Walton, KY 41094-0095
Phone: 859-485-4383
Fax: 859-485-9710

Water and Sewer Service

Water & Sewer

  • The City requires a $75 deposit to start water and sewer service. We accept cash, check or money order.
  • Water and sewer bills are mailed out the first of every month.
  • Bills are due on the 15th of each month. A 10% penalty  is applied to balance on the 16th.
  • Water service will be disconnected if bill is not paid in full by the 25th, and a $20 reconnect fee will be applied.
  • A drop box is available at the front entrance for after hour payments. (Please do not put cash in drop box).
  • There will be a $20 service fee charged for all returned checks.
  • The City allows installation of sewer deduct meters for measuring water used for outside watering. Call City Hall for more information.

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