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The Mayor's Message


May 19, 2014



Enclosed you will find a copy of the proposed 2014/2015 Budget.  There has been a lot of thought and review put into this document.   The Finance Clerk compiled it with revenue sources and expenditures. Deletion, additions and revisions followed, and then the Consultant reviewed it for this meeting.

Every account and revenue source was checked for presentation to you and the best possible financial statement for your consideration and approval.  There may be some items that you will have questions about, but I hope the technical information provided will answer those questions.  I have provided for full accountability of all City accounts and funds, this easy to read format will be beneficial in your review.  As the City of Walton continues to grow, so will our responsibilities, so bear in mind that an effective work force is the key to our demeanor and versatility of these rapidly changing times.  Our goal must be to provide efficient and cost effective services to our citizens and tax payers.

General Government, the revenue sources are in sound shape.  Our preliminary review of the uncertified PVA assessment rolls indicates that the City can maintain the current property tax rate of $1.01 per thousand.  I feel we should leave the Bank Deposit, Tangible Tax and Insurance Premium Tax rates the same.  Due to our past and current growth projections, I see no reason to consider starting either an Occupational License Fee or Payroll Tax in the City.

The Downtown District should be maintained, with new ideas and features that would make the Downtown District more inviting.  In planning for growth, additional funds have been added to Economic Development for possible incentives and further development of the old garage building; any and all revenue that may be generated from this effort should enter a building fund to be used for further maintenance and development of City’s properties.

Walton-Verona Veterans Memorial, The Walton-Verona Veterans Memorial located on City property has grown with the addition of the Purple Heart Memorial.  An additional $3,000 is budgeted from the General Government Fund for maintenance and upkeep of the Memorial.

Public Works Department/Street Repairs, Continued funding needs to be transferred to the Municipal Road Aid Fund, with the Cable Fee, LGEA, Vehicle Tax and a transfer of $50,000 from the General Fund.  The construction of Elmwood Drive will connect Brookwood Drive to University Drive, if grant money is available and finish the High Street/ Edward Avenue Project.  These additional funds are necessary to offset this increase as we continue to meet the growing demands for street repairs, storm water drainage work, new sidewalks and sidewalk repairs. There is a need to purchase a skid loader which has been approved.

The City should continue a storm water informational program as it relates to rain water runoff.  The elements should include awareness that litter, oil, anti-freeze and associated products that wash down storm drains will pollute the creeks they flow into.  The City should continue with the Great American Cleanup and the Fall Cleanup to help remove additional products from entering storm drains.  Investigate installing additional storm water litter grates and continue monthly street sweeping to reduce additional litter into storm drainage basins.

Water and Sewer Division, Several items: Water line loop (6”) from Pitty Pat Lane to Depot Street, Scott Street/High Street water upgrade, water tower maintenance, 2nd water connection to Northern Kentucky Water (South US 25),  continue to update Water and Sewer Line maps and a continued allocation of funds for l/l Study.

Walton Community Parks/Gaines Tavern History Center, will continue to receive our close attention; they continue to be important focal points in Walton.  The City and Parks Department will continue to update the activities at The Walton Community Park until we can impact a majority of our Citizens.  The City should work for another restoration grant from the Transportation Cabinet of Kentucky for the Gaines Tavern History Center.  New ways to generate revenue from the Gaines Tavern History Center should be explored.

Community Programs/Communication, The City should continue established programs, with the possibility of trying to enhance them or considering some additional seasonal programs.  The current community programs are:  The Easter Egg Hunt, Great American Cleanup, Summer Park Program, Walton-Verona Summer Program, Memorial Day, Old Fashion Day, Fall Cleanup, Veterans Day and Christmas on Main.

Communications should continue between the City and other agencies to improve the quality of life in Walton and the surrounding area.  These agencies should include, but not limited to the Walton-Verona Schools, St. Joseph Academy, Walton Fire Department, Boone County Library, National Guard, Tri-Ed, NKADD, Senior Services, Chamber of Commerce, Sheriff Departments, Planning Commissions, Boone County Public Works, DES, Boone County Fiscal Court and of course the Commonwealth of Kentucky agencies in Frankfort.

In this meeting you will be presented a cost breakdown for each Department with a technical assistance for your review and comments.  If you have any questions or need additional information on this budget proposal call or visit Peggy at City Hall.


Mark Carnahan, Mayor


Budget caucus meeting Monday, May 19, 2014, City Hall at 7:00 pm


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